Sugar Fiend

I came home late from work. It's about 10:30. The cool walk felt great. I was completely revitalized... Until I got into my nice warm home. Nobody is around and it is really quiet. I'm going to put on the radio despite the trouble from two nights ago.

Oh and my body is starting to ache. My back has a pain and my muscles are stiff. I'm pretty limber and don't often feel this way.

I have two bottles of coke to help me over the next two nights. I'm not convinced that the sugar will be a good idea in the long run.


M.C. Elroy said...

I forget where I read it, but a recent scientific study showed that doing things like pulling all-nighters or working late actually did diminish the quality of work.

Batman is, however, a master of his will power, so of course he can get a lot more done while fatigued than we mere mortals can.

Before I got mono, I was an insomniac, now I'm just simultaneously fatigued and restless. I have had many sleepless nights, and I know that they suck. I've also pulled many an all-nighter, and those seem to suck worse.

But good luck!

On the "Project Superman" note, it's from the biomatrix guy, so if you go to
you can pretty much see all of his ideas. I think that the "Project Superman" book is just a bit more focused and actually costs money.

Bruce said...

Thanks. I'll read that tonight