Figure Eight

Wonder Woman boobs
Remember, according to Dr. Marston, she is only bound until she wants to break free.

Figure Eight
This knot sucks. I haven't figured out anything to do with it. I must have to work on my detective skills soon. I hear that the figure eight is the basis of many other knots but I don't really see any use for it by itself. I guess it could stop a rope from going through a hole or something.

Figure Eight animation
In an case, this is how you tie a figure eight
1) Make a loop.
2) Bring the working end around the standing end.
3) Feed the working end through the loop.
4) Pull to tighten.


Anonymous said...

now you just can't write about knots without frequent mention of Wonder Woman!

Bruce said...

No way! I'll won't show a single knot without first showing someone (almost always WW) tied up.

Have you seen the trailer for the Wonder Woman movie? I really hope the do her justice.

eda said...