Rolling Hitch

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SuperHero pokerGood job, Plastic Man. You'll be able to sell that tape on e-bay or maybe bring it to the JLA's monthly poker nights.

It's very easy to make the clove hitch a little more secure. By wrapping the working end around the post one more time, we have a Rolling Hitch. Because this double turn reduces slipping, this knot is useful for situations where the pull is along the same direction as the post.
Rolling Hitch
1) Pass the line around the post, going over the standing end once you make it around.
2) Make a second identical turn, which follows the first turn.
3) Finish the knot in the same way we finished the Clove Hitch: with a half hitch
a) Pass the line around the post on the other side of the standing end.
b) Feed the working end underneath the third loop.
5) Cinch the knot.


Anonymous said...

Er, that's Ralph Dibney, the World Famous Elongated Man. Not Plastic Man. Need a little more work with the crime files, Bruce.

-- Jack of Spades

Bruce said...

ha! Well of course it is! My mistake.