Reach For The Sky

Batman BloodThis is why you need to be born a millionaire to be able to become Batman. It's been more than a little while since I've posted on my blog and trust me I would have posted if I could have. My secret identity's life has been a hectic series of demands. My physical training has been off and on and I haven't developed any new skills. That being said, I was able to make an animation for a knot just now, plus I ordered a lock-pick set. It should arrive very quickly. I'm not promising that the rest of this month will be any easier on the ol' playboy persona but I will make sure to post many more knots than I have recently. And then we will be able to move on to lock-picking which promises to be very interesting although a couple of the knots that I have learned have proved useful on more than one occasion already and carrying a knot book and a piece of rope around has really entertained alot of people I meet in my day. Not many people are willing to teach me knots they know but they are often interested in trying out whatever knot I am trying to learn at the moment. Maybe knots are really a lost art.


Jay1 said...

thanks for the update. i was wondering where you disapeared to!

can't wait for the lock picking stuff.

WingedLion said...

Interesting blog, really. Congrats.

Btw, have you consider asking for help to your local boyscout association with the knot teaching? As far as I know that is a skill they need to develop.

Bruce said...

I hadn't thought about helping teach others. I never really did any of this in as a kid - even in an organized way so I guess that wasn't the first thing to jump to mind.

I can't wait for the lock-pick set to arrive, Jay. As soon as it comes I'm sure it's all I'll do for a week.