Clove Hitch

Wonder Woman's Dress
Sometimes a magic lasso is just the best fashion accessory that one could ask for.

Today's knot is the Clove Hitch. This is a great and super easy way to tie a line. It's so unbelievably fast.

Clove Hitch knot animation
1) Pass the line around the post or bar or whatever.
2) Pass the line around the post on the other side of the standing end.
3) Feed the working end underneath the second loop.
4) Cinch the knot.

The things that you should keep in mind are: a) leave a bit line past the knot since it might slip a touch before catching b) if wiggling the standing part will loosen this knot.


wiec? said...

nice WW pic. speaking of PICkS did you get yer lock picking set yet? can't wait to here how that works. it's always so cool looking on TV and movies when someone pops a lock.

in real life though as long as my bike lock isn't picked we're good. if you can let us know about any lock pick prevention tips for us with locks.

team work makes the dream work. and the knot stuff is cool too.

Bruce said...

No lock-picks yet. I'm starting to get anxious. I can't wait.