Figure of Eight Coil

Wonder Woman
You know, I don't think that this picture is the worst one I found...

I did get one thing done for Building Batman this month: I found a use for the figure eight knot. If you have a rope that you don't use very often - like the ice-batrope that goes along with the Bat-antarctic-suit or the underwater rope that goes with the Bat-diving-bell or... well you get the idea. What you need to do is coil your Batrope. But something nice like the Alpine coil (we'll learn that one someday) is more for short term. For storage you want something like the Figure Eight Coil.

Figure of Eight Coil
1) Make the entire rope a bight (fold it in half).
2) Coil the doubled rope (the animation only shows one coil but of course you do as many as you need).
3) Wrap the working end (the bight) around the coil.
4) Once around the coil, feed the bight through the loop.
5) Pull tight and you have a coiled rope with a nice small loop to hang your batrope from.

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