Bike Lock and Coffee

Frank Miller BatgirlThank goodness that I now use coffee strategically instead of drinking a cup a day (here and here). During busy times (like now) coffee becomes a valuable ally in my war on... time.

That being said I have been able to pick a few locks when I catch a free moment. I can pick an old bike lock in under a minute. It's was no problem - probably because it was so old and has a lot of give. It is definitely the easiest one yet.

SupergirlThe brand new pad lock I was telling you about, is terribly frustrating. I got it that first time very quickly but have not gotten it again since! My front door still takes time but I can consistently get it.

What I need now are more old locks that I can practice on.

Does anybody have any ideas about that? I don't want to go buy 10 brand new ones because a) they're harder and b) buying 10 locks for no purpose except to pick them seems more than little wasteful.

PS You really should be keeping up to date with the_dark_cat's Welcome to Wayne Manor.


Hellion2011 said...

good blog, batichica I love, would you like to see it in a Nolan film? saludoss, beware.

M.C. Elroy said...

Just wanted to stop by and say glad to see the progress you're making on your spectacular journey.
I'm thinking of more systematically undergoing something like that BioMatrix guy's Project Superman.

Also, I think you always pick great pictures for your posts.

Keep it up!

Bruce said...

I don't think I would for a couple reasons:
1) Nolan said" No side kicks"
2) He went completely and entirely out of his way to make sure Gordon's daughter was a nameless nonentity. A pity I think - I would have prefered the part with Harv holding Gordon's family hostage if it had focused on Babs not Jim Jr.

What I would be content with would be some mention of Batman inspiring other heros - especially kids in the next film even if its just in passing (actually I would prefer if it was just mentioned).

Bruce said...

Do you have a link for Project Superman, Elroy? When I searched for it last night I got distracted by all the great Montauk Project stuff that came up.