Hotel Hospitality

I mentioned that I'm visiting Pittsburgh right now. I brought my lock-pick set and some pad-locks with me for relaxation and fun. When I got to my hotel room, I found the little lock on the minibar. Oh ya, baby.

I had alot of trouble at first. A painful amount of trouble. I couldn't figure out what was so hard about this pitiful little lock. Was it some other kind of locking mechanism than any I had seen so far, something that looks like a tumbler but isn't? The pins were really standard looking and feeling.

The answer was no: It was a regular lock but the key turned the other way than I expected. Oh well. Once I knew that, the lock was super easy. I raked it in seconds and picked it very quickly.

I still have to present to you all how to lock-pick yourselves and I do promise to do that very soon.


M.C. Elroy said...

This officially makes you a hero, sir.
I salute you.

Thelonious_Nick said...

From our earlier comment thread:

"I've also been looking into scanner radios. I'd like to see how reasonable it would be for me to arrive at a crime scene or emergency before the first responders. It sounds undoable to me but I'd like to see."

I delivered pizzas in my summers off from college in Nashville, TN, and by the end of my time I knew the city, or at least our delivery area, pretty thoroughly. There was a real emphasis on getting pizzas delivered fast but with a minimum of law-breaking, and really the only way to do that was to know the map backwards and forwards, as well as where traffic is worst at various times of day, what areas have road construction, etc. I think it's definitely possible to beat the police to an emergency.

"I also agree that the perfect Batman would have a more fundamental understanding of sciences. But I also think we have to draw the line somewhere between what a 'real' Batman would know and be able to accomplish and what comic book writers put in to their stories for easy outs. I've never really been comfortable with Batman as an inventor."

Well, he did have the advantage of billions of dollars at his disposal, which I assume you do not. I do note also that it may be easier to come up with a working model for various inventions if you only have to do it once--many patents are issued for inventions that never get replicated because it's hard to mass produce them. Maybe if you perfect all the other aspects of Being Batman you can move on to electrical and mechanical engineering...

Bruce said...

I've been quietly dropping very minor hints about who I am and where I live in case I ever decide to host a competition on detective skills.

The major worry I have is that it would be easy to find out where I post from and so the competition would become more of a hacking type contest (I don't know enough about this yet to say - but it is something I bet Batman would know and so I should learn). Something you said in your comment made me think of this. Maybe I'll get to visit Nashville someday soon. (not much of a hint, I know).

But anyway, you've convinced me. This summer I will familiarize myself with the city and hold up for myself the goal of beating the police to an emergency or two.