The First Morning

I ended up getting less than four hours: I only got two. Although , I think I probably dozed in the shower for twenty minutes - when I noticed I was still there the water was cold.

It's not so bad yet. I'm drinking alot of coffee but that's not much of a problem.


Thelonious_Nick said...

I found my way over here from SAcomics and I must say I think your project and your site are awesome. I have thought before about what it would take to be Batman and I came to the conclusion that his life would be constant training. I think Batman would have to rigorously schedule his time, with a certain number of hours and days each week devoted to martial arts, physical fitness, and weapons/equipment/vehicles training, not to mention the study of various academic and scientific subjects.

It's that last item where I think your list is a little lacking. You do have forensic science and practical chemistry. I think Batman would also study mechanical and electrical engineering (for his inventions), anatomy (an invaluable supplement to first aid and martial arts), and criminal psychology.

In addition, I think Batman would have deep, extensive knowledge of Gotham. His reading list would probably include Gotham history, atlases (both for roads and geography), city infrastructure, the society and local business pages in the newspaper, etc. I can't tell from your blog where you live, but you might want to do the same for your own town.

Thelonious_Nick said...

One follow-up comment after I've gone through the archives. I think you should add pull-ups to strengthen your upper body.

1) By doing only push-ups, you're strengthening your chest and the fronts of the shoulders. Over time, as your chest gets stronger, your chest muscles will pull, giving you a hunched over posture. This can also lead to back injury. Strengthening the back muscles at the same time will prevent this result of uneven development.

2) The muscles you build with pull-ups are the mid- and upper back, the backs of the shoulders, the biceps, and the forearms. These are also the same muscles you use for climbing. Strengthening these muscles now could aid later with wall-climbing, rapelling, and acrobatics.

Bruce said...

Thanks for the great thoughts Nick. I think you're right on all accounts.

I've got to move my exercising into the next stage and so I'll look into putting a bar between a door frame or something. I remember a friend who placed a series of wall climbing holds above a door frame - they must not have just been screwed into drywall. I'll look into it.

Your thoughts about knowing my city are great. I was thinking the same thing. It would be an interesting exercise to try to memorize the street layout. I think I remember that Dracula had the public transit schedule for when he left for London, in Stoker's 'Dracula'.

I've also been looking into scanner radios. I'd like to see how reasonable it would be for me to arrive at a crime scene or emergency before the first responders. It sounds undoable to me but I'd like to see.

I also agree that the perfect Batman would have a more fundamental understanding of sciences. But I also think we have to draw the line somewhere between what a 'real' Batman would know and be able to accomplish and what comic book writers put in to their stories for easy outs. I've never really been comfortable with Batman as an inventor. I'm perfectly happy with 'World's Greatest Detective' or brilliant forensic scientist or well studied resourceful guy. But to think that he can whip-up a device for any situation at anytime isn't really useful to his character. It just makes him pulp-ie

What do you think?