How heavy is he without his skeleton? I'm about 70 kg. Logan's pretty buff. Maybe say 100 kg.

How much of that is bone? 1%? Nah. 100%? 30%? 10%? Ya, 10% seems like the best answer. 10% of 100kg is 10kg. So that's 10 kg of bone and 90 kg of other stuff in your body.

Well, let's guess that bone and muscle and everything inside of us is all the same density. This is really not so bad of a guess because nothing inside of us is as heavy as rocks or as light as air. We pretty much have the same density as water.

The density of water is 1 kg/L = 1000 kg/m^3. So then 10kg of bone has a volume of about 10 kg / 1000 kg/m^3 = 10^{-2} m^3.

If that normal skeleton is removed and replaced with an adamantium one. If we can guess the density of adamantium then we can multiply it to the volume of a skeleton that we just found and we will know the mass which we can then ad to the 90 kg of left over non-skeletal stuff.

What's the density of adamantium? Well it's got to be heavier than water. 100 times heavier? No way. 10 times heavier seems like a good guess which says it has a density of 10 * 1000 kg/m^3 = 10^4 kg/m^3. Another way we could find this is we could look up the densities of some metals and notice that tungsten is pretty heavy at 19.25 g/cm^3 and that iron and silver and all of those are all pretty close at 7.9 or 10.5 g/cm^3 which are both 10 g/cm^3 = 10^4 kg/m^3 as far as we are concerned.

So using this density we find that the mass of an adamantium skeleton is about 10^{-2} m^3 * 10^4 kg/m^3 = 100 kg. So now with his new shiny skeleton Dark Claw or Wolverine weighs 100 kg + 90 kg = 200 kg or about twice as much. This isn't a shockingly high value. A person had an adamantium skeleton wouldn't sink in and leave foot prints in concrete or be too heavy to use the elevator.

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