Dark Claw's Adamantium Skeleton

Dark ClawIn the 1990's DC and Marvel did a cross over event and mashed their characters together into "amalgams". The character they combine with Batman was Wolverine to create: Dark Claw.

At that time Wolverine had an adamantium skeleton which was one of the things that helped make him invincible (Batman often suffers from the same problem: invincibility by popularity). I can imagine some side effects to having a metal skeleton. Is weight one of them?

How heavy is Wolverine/Dark Claw with his adamantium skeleton?

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Pat said...

This is why I always appreciated Jerry Robinson's Batman from the Golden Age; he was not big and bulky, which would make many of the gymnastic and rope feats he does impossible. I realize this competes against the supposed need to have him beat up the strong villain as well, but obviously martial arts training could account for that.