That's a lot of miles...

This weekend I spent a lot of time on my bike. Friday I did a 16 mile bike ride, Saturday a hard 25 mile ride and then on Sunday a final 25 miles but at a much easier pace. This wasn't just to get in better shape but also to explore potential bouldering sites outside of town. One of the locations has real potential but I think that before I can start climbing there I will have to be less exhausted from the bike trip by the time I make it out.
Robin Batman
P.S. Batman doesn't bike. Batman flies. In a flying car. Everyone knows that - except The History of the Batmobile site which is uncharacteristically days behind the the current Batmobile (Batmobile iterations must be recorded on a day by day basis since it's changed so often).

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Bruce said...

The The History of the Batmobile is behind the times no more. I told you they're fast.