Like a Bat Out of Hell

Batman RainI happened to be in the western part of Canada this weekend and thought it would be really cool to do some bouldering in the rockies. I'm here for a really quick trip and so climbing was just going to be something I squeezed in as I drove into the eastern part of the mountains. I packed my shoes and everything seemed to be going really well. The guy I was going with was excited, the people I'm travelling with didn't care if we stopped for a bit and the weather was beautiful. Near the town of Coalman we spotted what looked like a great face. We pulled over, changed and started hiking. We just arrived at the site when suddenly a huge dark cloud lumbered over the mountain. It didn't waste anytime looming. It came fast and hard. We got stuck in a hail storm and didn't get any climbing done. The rain didn't let up until we were out of the mountains again. It was too bad. I don't know when I'll be back there.