Poor Batman

When my day was done, I took my boomerang to a football field to practice throwing some more. I had a rough time at first. In fact, my first couple of throws duffed right into the ground - which by the way is pretty impressive because the boomerang hits hard and bounces up but then since its really a flying gyroscope it stabilizes itself and flies really far. Those seem like especially dangerous throws since the boomerang stays so very low to the ground and its definitely definitely out of control.

Anyway, eventually things got better and I made some pretty good throws despite the wind. I was even throwing it around the goal posts so that it went past the posts, circled around them and came back to me. But as it got darker it also got gustier. One throw which started out looking pretty good the ended up being my last.

The boomerang started to climb really fast all of a sudden and the stadium lights which had been great up until then made me lose sight of its flight. Since the boomerang started climbing, it wasn't turning as sharp anymore. I had been getting a feel for the way boomerangs fly so I knew the boomerang would be WAY to my left.

I couldn't see it, but I could definitely hear it when it crashed into the tree tops. It had flown right out of the football field. I peered though the field's netting but couldn't see it any where so I climbed the fence and searched the grove of trees for a long time. I never found it.

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