Batman's Bigger Box

The title of my last post reminded me:
If you've been reading Morrison's run on Batman but haven't been reading Batman comics since the fifties then you should really check out this post:
I'd be willing to give my thoughts on R.I.P. if anyone wants to hear but you'd have to leave a comment to start the discussion. Otherwise, I'm perfectly content keeping them to myself.


M.C. Elroy said...

What DO you think of "R.I.P"? I haven't picked up the final issue, yet, but I have been following it.

I can't say that I like it. It's an interesting concept, but Morrison seems all over the place. The story kind of has a lack of coherence to me, especially for a monthly periodical.

Also, it won't be long before Wayne is wearing the mask again.

Bruce said...

I like that alot has been expected of me as a reader. There have been no thought bubbles like
"Humm... Alfred shouldn't know that he died. This man isn't Alfred."
"Ahh! Jez, you've given yourself away as a dangerous woman and this is exactly why I love you."

There is enough text to lead us to what the character is thinking but not enough text to explain every detail. And I like that. It's like we are glimpsing the way that Batman sees himself without the comfort of his own commentary on it. I like it when I have to read the story multiple times to feel like I have a solid grasp on it. I think this is why I love the Brian Azzarello stories. That all being said, a story does need some coherence.

No matter what the conclusion of R.I.P is (whether it happened in 681 in some way that wasn't explained in 682 or whether Grant Morrison will tie this all together in one issue or not at all), there have been some serious "misleading" issues. The whole thing was sold to be more than it actually was. Example: The Conclusion was inconclusive. It was labeled the end of Batman as we know him but I guess when all the Batman titles didn't spend all their resources on the storyline, I should have been tipped off that this wouldn't be as important as when Spider-man was a clone or when Superman was punched to death. Not a single series that was listed as part of R.I.P. actually played any part in the story of R.I.P. nor did R.I.P. play any part in their stories.

I loved Allstar Superman and really enjoyed what I've read of the Invisibles, I guess we were all just expecting more. He has one more comic to tie things all together. The only thing I regret now is my promise not to buy any Final Crisis comics after I hated Countdown so much. I'm not sure what I think about the thought that the whole thing could have been in his head or even worse that all of/someoff Batman's past is just a trippy dream forced on him by a superpowered new god- It was disappointing in Super Mario Bros. 2 and it would be disappointing here too.

M.C. Elroy said...

I can agree. I really dug Allstar Supes and LOVED Morrison's run on JLA. In general, I think he's a great writer, and I can appreciate that he was trying to meld all of Batman's almost-70-year history, but it has been disappointing.

Batman seems to be in a weird state, with Morrison doing crazy things in the regular title and Miller throwing all care to the wind on Allstar.

Bruce said...

I know people have a hate-on for Miller's Allstar but I kind of like it. I like that so far Batman is the villain (definitely not poor Jacko-boy). If this comic is going to end right, it will have to be Batman who needs to be stopped. HOPEFULLY with Robin and maybe Supes playing major parts in his "conversion". The other thing I like is how infrequently it comes out. I don't wait for it, it just happens randomly. It's a very different feel then say a comic a week.

I have one major worry: Because there have been some many well done Jokers recently (including Morrison's, who was the surprising jewel in RIP), perhaps ol' ultra-violent Miller will feel the need to one-up everyone else. I like violent Jokers but I also like the strange contrast between an out-of-control Batman and the calm, careful, unlaughing, almost insightful sounding serial killer who isn't random but carefully chose his victim.