Batman Returns

Batman grave
Those of you who have been reading Building Batman for a while will have realized that every once in a while I disappear for long periods of time. I won't bore you tales of assassin cults and deadman spirits yearning for vengeance (ten Batblog-Batpoints for anyone who can correctly identify which Batbook that's a quote from) but unfortunately these periods are going to pop-up every once and a while. That being said 3 months was far too long a period to go without a single entry. Hopefully you'll forgive me for disappearing sporadically.

I may have let down my blog but I certainly haven't given up my training. For physical work, I've still been swimming and jogging. I got my yellow belt in Jui Jutsu. I've gone bouldering a handful of times. As for mental training, I've begun reading Grey's Anatomy and preparing little summaries which I've been writing as review but which I'll post on Building Batman for your pleasure. I've been introduced to archery for the Building Batman blog and tried throwing the bo shuriken. I'll write entries for these over the next couple of days.

My mission to become Batman continues.


Benji said...

Hey Bruce,
I've just recently stumbled upon your blog, and it's AWESOME! What a good idea! I can't believe i haven't thought to do this myself.
All the martial arts+workouts i do and have done, will now be to become more like Batman too; You have inspired me.

Keep up the good work.

Also, you should add kryptonite to your utility/bat belt list - As we all know it's up to batman to keep Superman at bay if he ever decides to turn against us.

Saranga said...

glad to hear you're back and will be posting again. I will especially look forward to the archery entries!