Oh bother

This weekend I went buildering for the first time. What a disaster.

I shimmied-up a couple of floors between two buildings with a narrow alley between them and made it to the roof. But not without some trouble, mind you. The problem? My shoes for sure. I decided that the best footwear would be my old wrestling shoes. I thought that my wall climbing shoes wouldn't be good because I couldn't walk to the site I choice for my virgin climb. Plus in climbing shoes I couldn't run off or jump down if I needed to. So I chose my wrestling shoes as the next best thing since they are close-fitting like climbing shoes. Not a good choice.

The soles are all wrong. Climbing shoes are smooth but rubbery. Wrestling shoes are smooth but nearly as soft. Any time I took pressure off my hands, my feet would slip. Not fun. With all that slipping you'd better believe that I wasn't silent as a ninja. Not a chance.

I think even runners would have been a better choice. If you have any ideas about better footwear leave a comment because I don't have a clue.
Calvin and Hobbes as Batman and Robin


David said...

What about parkour/free running footwear?
There you have some advices.

Bruce said...

That was a great place. I stayed up way too late last night reading through the Further Discussion at the bottom. Maybe I'll be able to find some Volleys in town.