This War Continues

Bat-crestEight weeks of boxing courses end tonight. This is the session and then there is a three week break.

All and all, it's been pretty intense. I never imagined that I would be able to skip-rope so well. In fact, if I had to point to the most important improvement to my self-defense skills it would be the vast improvement in balance. Boxers have good balance and I feel that I've picked-up some of that.

The other two major improvements are simply:

(1) practice hitting something solid. In Jui-Jitsu when we point-fight, part of the exercise is having the self-control to never make contact with your opponent. So I've really appreciated the experiance with true contact and how that effects your next move.

(2) endurance. Boxing classes have been exhausting and I'm not exactly out of shape anymore. One of the best results of BuildingBatman is that I've been in the best shape of my life for nearly two years and counting. Since the begin of the summer season I have been rotating running, biking and swimming on top of boxing class. I have loose plans to compete in a TriAthlon this year. We'll see about that but it's all because of this blog.

So there's a three week break and then I repeat the eight week course.

Up next: A review of police scanners.
Batman pose


mohitparikh said...

Man, how do you find the time and resources to do all this cool stuff!!!???

Bruce said...

Without a doubt finding time is the hardest part of all. I don't think I've spent much money on this blog (to be honest I haven't really kept track - although I am planning to buy a police scanner very soon) and I've just been introducing myself to each of the skills.

But the time! oh man, managing time is the most difficult part of being Batman. In fact, I was reading just the other day (I forget where... Science, no... somewhere) that it takes at least three hours per day to be an expert in something. Even if Bruce Wayne is JUST an expert martial artist, expert forensic scientist and expert builderer he needs to PRACTICE each for three hours per day. Meaning 9 hours of practice. After that he can start patrolling Gotham city for the criminally insane.

M.C. Elroy said...

Sounds like you're doing a great job, man. Keep it up.

I've also heard/read a similar thing. Something like mastery of a particular thing = 10,000 total hours of practice.
It makes Batman (or real masters like Bruce Lee, Olympiads, virtuoso musicians, and great painters and writers) all the more impressive, and my own life that much less impressive. Lol.