Batman MimeLast night I had the chance to paint the face of a mime.

So? Batman does not paint faces, you say. That's true but he's got to be an expert actor to convince people of his Bruce Wayne charade. Plus, Bruce Wayne is one of the most recognizable faces in the DCU yet he wanders around Gotham city as Matches Malone without anyone being the wiser.Matches Malone

Batman's makeup skills are da'bomb.

And as you can see by these pictures, mine aren't so bad either. I may not be the next Barrett Kean but it's not so bad.

I'll try to do more stagemakeup in the future sometime. I'd love to learn impersonation but I don't know how to go about learning.

P.S. Sorry for the long delay in posting. I'll post what I've been doing this month over the next few days.
Batman Mime Artist


mohitparikh said...

u did a fine job.

and Nice title for the post.

Bruce said...

I thought so too.