Batman on the Brain

When I was supposed to be marking this afternoon, I was actually reading some blogs that chronicle other people's attempts at becoming ambidextrous.

The Biomatrix.net is creepily similar in intent to Building Batman. They claim to be
a website that takes self-improvement to the next helping you to become stronger, faster, better and smarter
Strange that these self-improved and smarter people forgot a word in their intro. sentence, isn't it? ("...to the next [level,] helping...").

Anyway, in the article Become Ambidextrous, the author notes that his head "feels sort of tense" and suggests that it may be a placebo or a coincidence. Strangely enough, I've had the same sensation since I started using my left-hand and thought it was a coincidence myself. I also had the same amazing improvement in the first days of practice. Personally, I thought that this would be much harder than just breaking the habit of using my right-hand but now I already feel that that is all it is - being right-handed is just a sloppy habit. Here's a notable blog about someone else who's decided to kick the "right-handed habit".

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Adman said...

Creapily similar? The Biomatrix has been around slightly longer than this blog... That is not creapy...
Also thanks for the heads up but 'to the next' is actually written like that on purpose to make it more radical like. I was aware at the time that some people might not get it...
Anyway thanks for the link - appreciated! And this blog looks pretty cool, good to see someone else with a similar aim. Perhaps we can help each other out somehow? Care to trade an article or something?
Good luck with the ambidexterity training. I find the benefits kind of trail off after the first few months but stick at it!